Tuesday, December 6, 2016

the blog is back!

it's been on my to-do list to start writing on my blog again. i love to look back at old posts and see the pictures and hear was we were doing. there isn't much time for this these days, but one day i will wish i would have made more time. 
we are 3 months or so into the school year. Eli is in Kindergarten at St. Frances de Sales in Newark.

 Sammy started pre-school 3 days a week at St. Eds. 

So far they both love it! Eli is amazing us with his smarts. He is reading so well and his math abilities are kinda crazy. He can add 3 numbers in his head (6+5+4) and he is thriving with the routine that school provides. He loves his classmates and comes home with stories from them all the time. This year, he tells me a lot about school. Mostly at bedtime when he is stalling, but hey, I'll take it.

Sammy writes his name pretty well (S-A-M IS a lot harder than E-L-I) and is learning how to write Windon. He is known for talking a lot and telling stories to his teachers. He is definitely more outgoing than Eli when is comes to social situations. 

Two very different boys we have.

Eli's doodles in church

 Eli learned to ride his bike with no training wheels this fall, and he lost 2 bottom teeth. 

Sammy gets the gator now (and all the other toys) all to himself when Eli goes to school all day. I think he kinda likes it. 
Both boys wanted to be firemen for Halloween, so, of course, we got the girls in on the action.
This time next year, there will be two more to add to the mix!! 

We are getting ready for Christmas here --- 19 more days! 

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